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Christ the King’s Catedral


Wejście ze schodami do katedry


Construction works on the cathedral, located in the very centre of Katowice, started in 1927, according to a design of two architects, Z. Gawlik and F. Mączyński. It was built in a style inspired by the classicism and consecrated in 1955 by the bishop of Częstochowa, Zdzisław Goliński.

On the premises, extending to 90, 000 m2, there are:

– Cathedral,

– episcopal curia,

– building of sacristy,

– presbytery with catechetical rooms,

– vault with the University Church.


A monumental shape of the cathedral, which walls are mainly made of reinforced concrete covered with dolomite, consists of:

– colonnade with gilded inscription Soli Deo honor et gloriaTo God Alone Be Honor and Glory,

– five bells hanged under the roof,

– dome- 64 m high, 101 m long, 50 m wide- with a lantern and a cross on the top.


Interior of the cathedral is decorated with many stained glass windows, designed by professor Pękalski, frescos and bas-reliefs. We can mostly find artificial lighting in the cathedral.

Christ the King’s Cathedral is the biggest archcathedral in Poland.


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