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Buildings by the Szyb Wilson Art Gallery


Galeria szyb willson


The Szyb Wilson Gallery is situated in Janów, one of the Katowice districts. It is located in the former “Wieczorek” coal mine from 1918. The project was carried out by courtesy of Emil and Georg Zillman – the designers of Giszowiec and Nikiszowiec.

The total area of gallery amounts to 2500m2.


The former coal mine premises include the old and desolated building. The size and the neglected appearance determines the unique atmosphere of the place. Broken windows,  the construction that seems to be falling apart and the walls full of holes– these are the “attractions” waiting for the film producers.


The interiors are dominated by the natural light.

The location is surrounded by the open green space with the adjoining park. 

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