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Bobolice castle


Królewski Zamek Bobolice


A castle located in Kraków- Częstochowa Jurassic Upland, was erected in a middle of the 14th century. Reconstruction works restored the castle to the condition from the 17th century.

A museum and tourist management centre are being built there. On the premises of the castle there are hotel and restaurant, where a typical, local cuisine is served. At the castle’s walls there is a big green area, which formerly served knights and now is the place of relaxation and family picnics.


 Inside the building you can find:

– Knights’ hall,

– guardrooms,

– chapel,

– underground corridors.

Thanks to developed infrastructure, essential when organizing a film plan, and untouched area, the castle in Bobolice is a perfect place for film shots.


Atmosphere of the place reminds of historic times. It is an extraordinary area, which at the same time is very Polish. Picturesque scenery with rocks, caves and monadnocks in the background.

The Mirów Castle in the vicinity.

Jurassic land has been used among others in a clip of the Disney/Pixar film company entitled ‘Brave’.

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