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‘Bąkowiec’ Castle


Zamek "Bąkowiec"


‘Bąkowiec’ Castle located in Morsko was built at the turn of the 15th and 16th century. The building is an irregular and elongated polygon in plan and uses the adjacent surrounding.

A total area of the castle is approximately 500 m2. However, the castle grounds were of about 800 m2.


Among others, the castle’s remains consist of:

– peripheral walls of the upper castle,

– castle’s rooms on the ground floor,

– residential building from the 1920s,

– filled-in well,

– fragments of a rampart and a moat,

– stone wall surrounding the lower castle,

– stairs.

The castle used perfectly the environmental conditions to defend itself.

It is listed in the Register of Historic Monuments and has its own historic atmosphere. The place will delight many film producers with its charm and beauty.

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