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3-bedroom apartment


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The 3-bedroom apartment is situated on a second floor of twelve floor block of flat, in so called large panel housing. Its total area is about 70 m2.

There are following rooms in the apartment:

– living room with a lounge suit, unit furniture and doorway to an office room,

– bedroom,

– child room with a bunk bed, furniture and carpet,

– kitchen equipped with appliances,

– bathroom and toilet are separate,

– balcony.


All rooms are fully-equipped.

Thanks to numerous windows the apartment is lightsome (natural light). All windows are with a view on a street.    


The apartment is located in one of the greenest districts of Katowice-Bogucice. In the neighborhood we can find garden plots, the Sanctuary of the Heavenly Mother of Bogucice and the Bonifratres Hospital. In front of the building there are many parking spaces, where you can easily place a base camp.


The Bogucice district has served many times as a film set in productions as ‘The Sinful Life of Franciszek Bula’ or ‘You Are God’.

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