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MAGIC PRODUCTION – small, independent production company, founded in 2007, dealing with the acquiring, creating and producing film and TV projects as well as the artistic experiments bordering the audiovisual and theatrical arts, specializing in documentary films and promotional materials productions as well as the video clips and short videos and organization of the events.  The company is the member of the National Chamber of Audio-Visual Producers and belongs to the section of Young Producers.

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Magdalena Nowacka




The films:

2014 – “LOVE IN THE CITY OF GARDENS” directed by Adam Sikora & Ingmar Villqist

– in-house project – producer / film in the making

2014 – “THE INNER EAR” directed by Magdalena Gubała & Szymon Uliasz

– full-length musical documentary film – producer / film in the making 

2013 – “LESZCZU” feature film –directed by Aleksandra Terpińska – coproduction with the Munka Studio (30 minutes), executive producer

2010 – “EWA” feature film – directed by Adam Sikora & Ingmar Villqist – in-house project (108 minutes) 

The prizes:


2011 – debut prize for Adam Sikora & Ingmar Villqist and for the actress Barbara Lubos-Święs

– The 7th Annual New York Polish Film Festival in NYC


2011 – actor prize for Andrzej Mastalerz 

– Nationwide Festival of Film Art Prowincjonalia in Września


2010 – debut prize at the 10th International New Horizons Film Festival as part of the New Polish Films Competition in Wrocław


2010 – Second prize for the producer of the feature film „EWA” 

– First edition of the REGIOFUN International Film Festival in Katowice


2010 – “EXPELLED”  feature film inspired by the work of Samuel Backett – directed by Adam Sikora (103 minutes)


TV shows and radio broadcasts:

2011 – TV show  „WOK – Everything About Culture” – for TVP2 in cooperation with the Theatre Institute

2010 – TV spots for TVP

– The most important sport events in TVP

– The European Athletics Championships – Barcelona 2010

– 2010 RPA advertising breaks’  visuals


Video clips:

2010 –”BARBAKAN” video clip for the Vavamuffin band;