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Kasia Modet / ACTRESS


Kasia Modet is an actress with experience of screen acting. She has a talent for comedy, but she can express sadness equally well. She specializes in creating so-called roles with character. Our high recommendation.



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503 697 270

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Kasia Modet


503 697 270





“We are the fallen”, a short film, the part of: the Leader of the Musicians, dir. Piotr Zdanowicz, 2013

“For Good and for Worse”, a Polish TV medical drama series, episode 523, guest appearance as: Ciążela, a patient, dir. Jerzy Sztwiertnia, 2013

“For Good and for Worse”, episode 464, guest appearance as: Maja Cukierska, dir., Jerzy Sztwiertnia, 2011

“Clan”, a Polish soap opera, episode 2111, guest appearance as: a teacher, dir. Mikołaj Haremski, 2011

“The Ladies Room” – R. Santana, the part of: Fabiana, dir. M. Łazarkiewicz, E. Słoboda, diploma examination at the Warsaw Film School (WSF), 2010

“Motur”, a short film exercise at the Television and Theatre School of Higher Education (PWSFTViT), the part of: Country Beauty, dir. Marcin Ściegliński, 2010

“Stalownia” (“Steel Plant”) – Magnus Dahlstrom – the part of: Lena, dir. Elżbieta Słoboda, a short film exercise (contemporary scene), 2010

“Marylin Mongol”- N. Kolada – the part of: Inna Zajceva, dir. E. Słoboda, a short film exercise (contemporary scene), 2010

“Dwoje biednych Rumunów mówiących po polsku” (“A Couple of Poor Polish-Speaking Romanians”), D. Masłowska – the part of: Dzina, dir. E. Słoboda, a short film exercise (contemporary scene), 2009

“Tartuffe, or The Impostor”, Molière – the part of: Doryna, dir. A. Domalik, a short film exercise (classical scene), 2009

“Marriage”,  N. Gogol – the part of: Agafia Tichonovna, dir. A. Domalik, P. Zelt, a short film exercise (Russian drama scene), 2009

“The White Wedding”, T. Różewicz – the part of: Bianka, dir. K. Rogulski, a short film exercise (contemporary drama scene), 2008

Additional skills:  horseback riding, fencing, swimming, historical dance (Galliard and Pavane), a true knack for comedy and cabaret performance, basic stunt performance, full clean driving licence

Language skills:

English – fluent

Spanish – fluent

Russian – elementary.