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Jakub Sarwas / Music


Jakub Sarwas (composer, conductor, instrumentalist). Was born in 1977 in Gliwice (Poland). Began his musical education at the State School of Music I and II degree in Gliwice in the Accordion class. In 1996-2001 he studied composition at the Faculty of Composition, Conducting and Theory of Music under Prof. Edward Boguslawski (diploma with distinction) at the Music Academy in Katowice. In 2002-2006 he took post-graduate studies at the Musikhochschule in Cologne under Prof. Johannes Fritsch (composition), Prof. Hans Ulrich Humpert (electronic composition) and Klarenz Barlow (computer music).

Master studies (Konzertexamen) under Prof. Johannes Fritsch. During his studies, was the initiator, organizer and producer of electronic music concerts and chamber music. He is a member of the Polish Society for Contemporary Music, and Gliwice Music Society. Was a member of “Youth Circle” ZKP (in 2000-2002 was its president).

He is the founder of Sarwas Ensemble and Sarwas Project with which he works as a composer and conductor. He composes chamber-, symphonic-, electronic-, electroacoustic music, and music for film and theater. Common uses of electronic means and new media in conjunction with the various instrumental depots, applying them in the forms of music, stage and multimedia characterized his music.

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+48 691 563 773


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Jakub Sarwas


+48 691 563 773


sound design, commercials

Experience / realizations


– Warsaw Autumn Festival

– Silesian Music Days of Contemporary Music

– Silesian Tribune of Composers

– World Music Days Swiss 2004

– Triennial Festival Cologne

– Gelderse Muziek Zomer, Nijmegen – Holland

– Eye go hear – Trigger, Hamburg

– DeutschlandRadio

– New Music Festival in Brno

– Recordings for Polish Radio

– Recordings for Polish Radio Katowice

– State Philharmonic Orchestra Hamburg

– State Philharmonic Orchestra Basel

– Silesian Philharmonic Orchestra

– Polisch Radio Chamber Orchestra Amadeus

– Aeolian Trio

– Ensemble Aventure

– Bavarian Radio

– Ensemble Trigger

– WestWerk Hamburg

– Budapest Autumn Festival

– Festspielhaus Hellerau Dresden

– Theatre Festival Dijon

– Festival Aujourd’hui Musiques Perpignan

– New Music Festival Heilbronn

– Festival Musica Electronica Nova

– Festival Time of Music

– New Music Festival Ibaraki/Osaka

– Ensemble Modern

– Middle European Chamber Orchestra

– Theatre Osnabrueck

– Alte Oper Frankfurt

– Days of new music in Wuerzburg

– Sprengel Museum Hannover

– Ensemble Work in Progress Berlin

– Ensemble Reconsil

– Ensemble SurPlus

– Ensemble E-Mex

– Ensemble New Music Aachen

– Ensemble Pulsaxion

– Ensemble Syntax/Motus

– Defunensemble

– Ensemble Polysono

– Ensemble Phorminx

– Schola Heidelberg

– Ensemble Aisthesis

– Musica Viva Munich