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Ewa Nowacka / MAKE UP


Ewa Nowacka is a make-up artist with 11-year-long experience. She is a graduate of Autorska Szkoła Wizażu (Make-up and ImageConsultingSchool) in Wrocław with the specialization in Make-up and Styling. She has presented her skills by creating numerous projects also for film and television productions as well as popular programmes broadcast all over Poland.

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+48 503-014-906

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Ewa Nowacka


+ 48 503 014 906




Ewa Nowacka has worked on: the making of TV programmes, e.g. “Na poddaszu” (“In the Attic”), “Monitor Gospodarczy” (“Economy Review”), “Kuchnia z Okrasą” (“Okrasa in the Kitchen”), “Miłość jak z powieści” (“Love Like in a Novel”), “Z tyłu sceny” (“Backstage”); the sets of TV series, e.g. “Tak czy nie” (“Yes or No”), Sensacje XX wieku (“Sensations of the 20th century”, Teraz albo nigdy (“Now or Never”), Hotel 52 (“The 52 Hotel”), Plebania (“Presbytery”), Na wspólnej (“The Common Street”); the making of theatre performances, e.g. “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfes”, dir. Magdalena Piekorz; the making of commercials for, e.g. Play, Orange and Plus telephone networks; feature films, e.g. “Kochaj i tańcz” (“Love and Dance”), as well as on numerous photo shoots.