The Mole

Dir. Rafael Lewandowski Production: Metro Films Sp. z o.o. Runtime: 108 min Country: Polska/Francja Official website

The main protagonist is the son of an erstwhile activist of Solidarity trade union. Together with his father, he tries to build up a business. The family idyll is spoilt by the publishing of an article suggesting that his father used to be an SB (secret service) agent. The father denies everything. Is the article true or is it a provocation?


Dir. Ingmar Villqist i Adam Sikora Production: Magic Production Sp. z o.o. Runtime: 90 min Country: Polska

“Eva” is a story of a woman – a mother and wife – who, in the face of hunger and poverty, makes a desperate decision to undertake work in an escort agency.


Dir. Radosław Dunaszewski Production: TVN S.A. Runtime: 90 min Country: Polska

Radosław Dunaszewski’s film shows a social drama, inspired by a true story which happened in Halemba in 2006.

Niebieskie chachary

Dir. Cezary Grzesiuk Production: Grzesiuk Cezary Blue Dream Film Runtime: 65 min Country: Polska Official website

“Blue Hools” is a documentary about supporters of Ruch Chorzów football club. The author penetrates the environment of football fans and shows the “backstage workings”of the phenomenon called football club support.


Dir. Magdalena Piekorz Production: Studio Filmowe TOR Runtime: 105 min Country: Polska Official website

“Drowsiness”, the second – after “The Welts” – feature by Magdalena Piekorz, is a story of three protagonists, whose life paths are unexpectedly tangled. The film talks about people, whose lives have started slipping through their fingers, who have sunk into a sort of emotional lethargy, and though they are still alive, they do not really live anymore.

Zgorszenie publiczne

Dir. Maciej Prykowski Production: Paisa Films Sp. z o.o. Runtime: 90 min Country: Polska Official website

A feature debut by Maciej Prykowski is a lively comedy about the inhabitants of a small Silesian housing estate. Partly real and partly magical, the story has most certainly a human dimension and warm atmosphere.

Podróż do zielonych cieni (Working title: Łączniczka)

Podróż do zielonych cieni (Working title: Łączniczka)

Dir. Alicja Schatton Production: Vidifilm Alicja Schatton Runtime: 50 min Country: Polska

A poetic story about the life of Zofia Książek-Bregułowa, a blind actress and poet, who – as a courier nicknamed “Zośka, Żaneta”- lost her eyesight because of an explosion during the Warsaw Uprising. A fascinating and dramatic story about a struggle for survival.

Karol Stryja - Ślązak, który zdobył świat

Karol Stryja - Ślązak, który zdobył świat

Dir. Violetta Rotter-Kozera Production: Filharmonia Śląska Runtime: 40 min Country: Polska

A documentary telling the story of a famous Polish conductor. The film allows us to retrace steps of Karol Stryja, who – after the war – conquered the world of music by popularizing Polish composers and musicians. It is a story about a genius, about heritage, and about people, whom Stryja met on his way.