Dir. Artur Więcek Production: Bereś&Baron Media Production Sp. J. Runtime: 90 min Country: Polska Official website

One day, rather unexpectedly, Mathew dies a banal and coincidental death. This event will start an avalanche of events, which will turn the life of a small and quiet town upside down.


Dir. Jaroslav Baran, Grzegorz Handzlik Production: Orange Studio Animacji Sp. z o.o. Runtime: 7x14 min Country: Polska/Słowacja

Short tales about the legendary robber and folk hero Janosik, who was active on the borderland between Slovakia and Poland, presented in the form of an animated series for children. The tales are full of incredible and surprising adventures, in which good always triumphs over evil.


Dir. Paweł Wysoczański Production: Black and White Production Paweł Wysoczański Runtime: 80 min Country: Polska Official website

A true story about one of the best known among the Polish Himalayan mountaineers, Jerzy Kukuczka – a man who climbed all 14 eight-thousanders, worked at the Institute of Mining Technology in Katowice, and was a loving husband and father. It is a film about passion, determination and steadfastness of character.

Mecze o polskość (Working title: Wygrać, przegrać)

Mecze o polskość (Working title: Wygrać, przegrać)

Dir. Leszek Staroń Production: Studio Filmowe Kalejdoskop Sp. z o.o. Runtime: 50 min Country: Polska

In this documentary the difficult issue of the Upper Silesia Plebiscite in 1921 is interwoven with the history of Silesian football – the sports discipline that is so deeply ingrained in the Polish nation.

Ślązacy z bombowców (Working title: Dywizjon 304)

Ślązacy z bombowców (Working title: Dywizjon 304)

Dir. Zbigniew Wacław Kowalewski Production: Studio Filmowe Kronika Runtime: 52 min Country: Polska

A diverse and accurate depiction of aviation aces – the pilots of the No. 304 Land of Silesia Bomber Squadron. The film touches upon all the personal plots, employing for the purpose memories of the heroes living in Krakow: Stanisław Jura and Ludwik Krępa. The heroes are incredibly impressive because of their physical and intellectual prowess. They speak many languages fluently, have artistic and musical talents, and write poetry passionately.

Bez jednego drzewa las lasem zostanie

Dir. Dagmara Drzazga Production: Kataraman Izabela Rudzik Runtime: 50 min Country: Polska

A story about an unassuming hero of II World War, about an incredible demeanour of a man, priest, founder and leader of the Polish Armed Organization. The film tells the story of Father Jan Macha who, at the age of 28, was guillotined for his underground activity in prison in Katowice (Poland).

Nowe legendy miejskie - Śląsk (series of film legends) "Dziadek Piaskowiec" dir. Rafał Kapeliński, "Ufo w piekarach" dir. Konrad Aksinowicz

Nowe legendy miejskie - Śląsk (series of film legends) "Dziadek Piaskowiec" dir. Rafał Kapeliński, "Ufo w piekarach" dir. Konrad Aksinowicz

Dir. Rafał Kapeliński, Konrad Aksinowicz Production: Fundacja Moma Film Runtime: 15 min. i 16 min. 30 s Country: Polska Trailer

Two subsequent parts of the film and literary project titled New Urban Legends, filmed this time in Silesia.

Dzieci Wehrmachtu

Dzieci Wehrmachtu

Dir. Mariusz Malinowski Production: WFDIF Runtime: 70 min Country: Polska Official website

A dramatic story about filial love. During the World War II Alojzy Lysko's father was forced into the Wehrmacht Army. Lysko, a famous Silesian activist, collects narratives from these forgotten soldiers with the hope of getting closer to his father.

Serce Śląska

Dir. Paweł Woldan Production: Pado Studio Film Dorota Przyłubska Runtime: 60 min Country: Polska

A documentary devoted to an extraordinary place on the map of Silesia: the Shrine of Our Lady of Charity and Social Justice in Piekary Śląskie. A group of several-thousand men, who are on their pilgrimage to the shrine, are accompanied by the filmmakers.

Zbigniev's cupboard (Working title: Zbigniew z trumną)

Dir. Magdalena Osińska Production: Breakthru Films Sp. z o.o. Runtime: 8 min Country: Wielka Brytania/ Polska

Zbigniev lives in Poland in the times when communism is still in full bloom. Kilometre-long-queues do not impair his efforts to get hold of various every day goods. His father dies in this world full of absurd and Zbigniev sets out on a quest of finding a coffin.