Dir. Magdalena Piekorz Production: Studio Filmowe TOR Runtime: 105 min Country: Polska Official website

“Drowsiness”, the second – after “The Welts” – feature by Magdalena Piekorz, is a story of three protagonists, whose life paths are unexpectedly tangled. The film talks about people, whose lives have started slipping through their fingers, who have sunk into a sort of emotional lethargy, and though they are still alive, they do not really live anymore.

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Dir. Maciej Prykowski Production: Paisa Films Sp. z o.o. Runtime: 90 min Country: Polska Official website

A feature debut by Maciej Prykowski is a lively comedy about the inhabitants of a small Silesian housing estate. Partly real and partly magical, the story has most certainly a human dimension and warm atmosphere.

Podróż do zielonych cieni (Working title: Łączniczka)

Podróż do zielonych cieni (Working title: Łączniczka)

Dir. Alicja Schatton Production: Vidifilm Alicja Schatton Runtime: 50 min Country: Polska

A poetic story about the life of Zofia Książek-Bregułowa, a blind actress and poet, who – as a courier nicknamed “Zośka, Żaneta”- lost her eyesight because of an explosion during the Warsaw Uprising. A fascinating and dramatic story about a struggle for survival.